Exeter History Minute Features Four of our Scottish Prisoners of War

A big thank-you to my distant-cousin and blogger extraordinaire, Heather Wilkinson Rojo, for letting me know about the “Exeter History Minute” on You Tube. This particular episode published on 4 Sep 2013 was filmed near Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands and features a discussion about the Scottish Prisoners of War that were early settlers in Exeter, New Hampshire. The Scottish POWs specifically mentioned by Barbara of the Exeter Historical Society are: Alexander Gordon, Henry Magoon, John MacBean and John Sinclair.

Descendants of these men should contact the Exeter Historical Society for more information!

Our “Unity” list has:
6. John Bean: UPL [Could be MacBean?]
44. James Gordon: IWI
66. Henry Magoon/Magoun [McGoon?]: UPL
129. John Sinclair: UPL

Our “John and Sara” list has:
42. James Gorden: NEHGS
43. Daniel Gordon: NEHGS
44. Laughleth Gordon: NEHGS

To learn more about Exeter history — or to support the Exeter Historical Society — visit their website, www.exeterhistory.org. #ExeterHistoryMinute

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