Sorry for my absence!

As a mom of four and gran of one, my life still revolves around my living family and sometimes there is not enough time for my family history! This is turning out to be a busy, fun-filled summer with family and very little computer time. This fall will bring more time, so stay patient, enjoy the site, and I will be more active starting about August 22nd.

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4 Responses to Sorry for my absence!

  1. Al Woollacott says:

    Welcome back…have four with eight grandchildren, so I understand what you are saying

  2. Dorothy Hagerty says:

    I have a list of 89 Scots who are on a constables tax rate for June 1671. It is for Great Island. Does anyone know where Great Island is? Both Duncan and Alexander Stewart are listed along with other Scots. The information is from research of the Jeffries Papers Vol 1 by George Stewart. Will be glad to send copies. I got the information from NEHGS/

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