John and Sara List and Biographies Update!

I have been reworking the John and Sara List and biographical information today.

I still really NEED more descendants and researchers for these 272 Scots. If you see your ancestor on the list please let me know so I can add you as a descendant and/or researcher. If you can provide a mini. bio. that would be wonderful, too!


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20 Responses to John and Sara List and Biographies Update!

  1. nvpattt says:

    I am told that my family (Callendar, Callander, Kallander, Kallendar) came from the town of Callendar, Scotland. I have been told that brothers came over on the John and Sara. I am trying to make a link from Samuel Callendar born in Virginia in 1756 to Scotland. Evidently his father own a planation in Loudoun, Virginia and disowned Samuel when he went off to fight for the Revolution. I am looking for a solid link between Samuel and those that were on the John and Sara.

  2. Leslie Skone says:

    I have nine generations of Magoons in my daughters line. Henry to Dorothy Magoon. I would like to share all of them if you would like.
    Thank you for your time.
    Leslie Skone

  3. Robert Abernathy says:

    The name Robert Abernethy is my ancestor in Jamestown VA thank you for the info

  4. Mary Foster says:

    I am Direct descendent to Austin Stewart/Stuart by 8 generations.
    Can Anyone help me find the Stewart point of origin in Scotland? I want to take a trip to visit their home area in Scotland.
    Mary Foster

  5. Sharon taylor says:

    I am a direct descendent of John cragin( DAR and Colonial Dame) on the John and Sara Any one know where John was born in Scotland? Or his fathers name?

  6. Moe Crosby says:

    Hello, I just found your blog and will be spending more time here.

    I recently learned the name of a great grandfather (John Ross) and that he may have been a POW from the Battle of Dunbar who was relocated to the new world. Supposedly, John Ross arrived on the “John & Sara” along with his brother Killicross (Gilchrist). Both John & Killicross settled in Ipswich, MA and flourished. Both of the brothers wed in 1661/62. John married Mary Haggett and Killicross married Mary Galley.

    I already had Killicross in my database, as a great uncle. But I usually don’t research great aunts/uncles/cousins.

    Any guidance you can offer will be appreciated!

  7. Pamela Beal says:

    I am descended from Wm Frizzell that is listed on the John and Sara. Thanks so much for this info!!

  8. Tom Frizzell says:

    Just joining the discussion / looking for any info on James Fraser /Frizzell he was in Roxbury in 1652 he is my ninth grandfather

    • We have these two names on the John and Sara list: 40. Edward Ffressell/Fressell
      41. William Ffressell/Fressell and on The Dunbar Prisoners’ list we have: James: 39. James Fresell,#30 on ‘The Dunbar Prisoners’ List
      40. John Fresell, #31 on ‘The Dunbar Prisoners’ List

      • Dana L. Brumbelow says:

        William Ffressell/Frizzell and Hannah Clarke are my 10th great grandparents. I’m descended via their son, John Frizzell, his son William Frizzell, his son Jason Frizell, his son Captain W.T. Frizell, his son John T. Frizell, his daughter Rachel Frizell, and her son Jason Gribble, his daughter Catherine Gribble, her daughter Lula Jane McCollum, and her son David Ezra Brumbelow, and his son, Melvin Arvid Brumbelow. I am Melvin’s daughter.

        Any information would be well received!

        Thank you!

  9. Tom Frizzell says:

    ” James settled in Roxbury in 1652
    And had lot 35 in Woodstock. Family tradition is that he arrived with the political prisoners engaged in the disastrous battles against cromwells forces,and was one of the clan of Fraser,prominent as adherents of charles 1,who with a brother fled(?) to America.he changed his name in passage from Frazier to frisel or seemed prudent to change the name as he was on the losing side of the conflict

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