All 272 Names of the Scots on the “John and Sara” are listed!

This morning I have completed the list for the ship “John and Sara.” There are 272 counted. That does include the three completely blank slots which were apparently undecipherable when the transcriptions were made.

These are the Scottish prisoners who were deported as “servants” to “Charles Towne” in New England in November 1651.

Please help me by looking over the list and reporting any errors you may see. If you recognize an ancestor and you want the correct spelling of the family surname shown please let me know.

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10 Responses to All 272 Names of the Scots on the “John and Sara” are listed!

  1. Brenda boyd warner says:

    I saw the link to the story about 272 Scottish prisoner names but can’t find the names. please help!

  2. Here is the link! Under “John and Sara” Passengers above in the header!

  3. Janet says:

    Hi Teresa, I was asked to do a bio on David Sterling for your blog on the facebook page. Here is what I have:
    David Sterling was born in Hertfordshire, England in 1612/22 to James Stirling/Sterling from Keir, Scotland. David was one of the 272 Scottish Prisoners of the English Civil War, (Battle of Worchester), sent by Oliver Cromwell’s forces aboard The John and Sarah to the American Colonies (Charlestown, Mass) in 1651/52.** According to {*The Genealogical and Family History of Wyoming and Lackawanna Valley – Volume 1., pg 348. by: Horace E. Hayden, Alfred Land, and John Woolf Jordan} David Sterling died in Charlestown, Mass., in 1691. His Bankell/Hertfordshire Arms are listed in J. Matthew’s American Armoury and Blue Book (1907) Pg. 71 -(in the back of the book). David’s Son, William Sterling, became a “freeman” in Massachusetts on May 11, 1681***

  4. Doug Steward says:

    Hello, all.
    Please list me as a descendant and researcher for both #101, Duncan Stewart, and #16, Robert Dunbar. Thanks, and hope to hear from other descendants. Keep up the great work, and thanks for your efforts.

  5. vader3404 says:

    Duncan Steward/Stewart, is a direct relative of mine as we have documentation from archives in Maine and Mass. Court records along with birth, marriage and death cert. I would like to find his passenger listing and information on his capture in the war.

  6. Lynn Drummond says:

    Hi I am a descendent of Neil McCone listed as #145 on the ship John and Sarah, b 1679 we have him married to Ann Hawkins, on the Isle of Wight passing on1679., I am at

  7. Walter Richard White says:

    I am a descendent of Neil McCone listed as #145 on the ship John and Sarah, b 1679; married Ann Hawkins, on the Isle of Wight passing 1679. Seeking information on his family tartan.

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