New York Governor is Scottish POW Descendant

How the Scots Invented the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe’s Poorest Nation Created Our World & Everything in It by Arthur Herman, is one of the books on my shelves. The title may seem over the top but there is a lot of truth to it!

Now that I am starting to read a lot about the Scottish prisoners as a whole group, it is becoming apparent that they were for the most part thrifty and hardworking and within a generation many had already established themselves well. What is it about the Scots that they have this sort of drive and ambition?

Of course, our prisoners, were strong men to have survived what they did and still be fit to labor as indentured servants. I think over time we are going to see how influential the descendants of our Scottish POW’s really were and are. I don’t know what it is about the Scots exactly but they do seem to be movers and shakers!

Take for example Daniel Blacke/Black. The following is from American Ancestors Online“In 1654, the Middlesex County Court in Charlestown ordered that: “Daniel Blacke Scotchman servant to Mr. Wilton Simes [William Symmes?], being lawfully convicted for assaulting & beating his master, is by this Court committed to prison, until further order of Court.”[27] Simes was probably the son of Charlestown’s minister, Zechariah Symmes, one of the town’s most prominent citizens. The Symmes family farm, covering much of present-day Winchester, was located near the corner of Cambridge Farms where William Munro must have worked, and Blacke undoubtedly labored there cutting hay in the meadows.[28] No further records about Blacke’s imprisonment have been located, but he must have overcome this episode of violence and moved on after his indenture, for his name turns up again later in Topsfield. A New York governor, Frank S. Black, traced his ancestry to this Scots war prisoner.”

I would love to  get the back story to this event! He is convicted of this assault and sent to prison but one can’t help but wonder what the details really were to this “assault.” I can only imagine his frustration as a proud Highlander being bossed about by a Puritan Englishman. 🙂

Frank Swett Black, 32nd Governor of New York

Frank Swett Black, 32nd Governor of New York

Daniel Black, a Scottish prisoner of war, was deported to Massachusetts Bay in early 1652 he arrived on the ship “John and Sara” with nothing. On March 8, 1853 in York County, Maine, his grandson Frank Swett Black was born and would become New York State’s 32nd governor! According to Wikipedia, Frank S. Black was one of eleven children born to Jacob and Charlotte B. Black in Limington, York, Maine. You can read more about them at Google Books: Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, Volume 3 By Henry Sweetser Burrage, Albert Roscoe Stubbs.

I’ve posted this information about Daniel Blacke on our website/blog. If you are a descendant of Daniel Blacke please let me know so I can add you to our list by his name.

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  1. Renée M. Boudreau says:

    I am a descendant of Daniel Black/Blacke through his son Josiah Black, and Grandson Josiah Tertius Black, Great Granddaughter Olive (Black) Hadley, GGGranddaughter Sarah (Hadley) Higgins, and then down all sons to my Mother. 🙂 Please Email me!

  2. Tania Mckee says:

    I am a descendant through both Edmund and Josiah, Daniels sons. I have a tree on family search if that would be of any interest.

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