146 out of 272 Passengers Added!

As of right now, I have typed out 146 names from the list of passengers on the “John and Sara” according to the New England Register. Supposedly there were 272 passengers on this ship, which some people have scoffed at, since most of the ships of the time were not very big. I doubt their accommodations were very luxurious! 🙂

I am running into an interesting problem though. I am typing out duplicates of names, for instance, John Hogg is listed three times; John Rosse is repeated three times; two of John Morre and two of James Ross. I understand that some may be fathers and sons, or uncles or cousins, etc. and I haven’t finished the list yet, so I will let you know when it is completed and how many duplicates we have.

My question is whether anyone has any theories about the repetitions? Has this list been gone over previously to see if there are any errors because of duplications? Just curious in California. 🙂

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