Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

I found the “Society of Antiquaries of Scotland” this morning through another blog I like. There is a FREE download at the site on the ancient history of Scotland. Check it out!

“An accessible graphic novel style booklet has been produced to accompany the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework.

Experts from a wide range of disciplines are pooling their skills and knowledge in a bid to piece together a comprehensive record of Scotland’s past. Archaeologists, historians, scientists and specialists in climatology and the natural sciences hope that by bringing their research and data together in one place, they’ll be able, eventually, to map out the history of Scotland in its entirety.


They’ve produced a graphic novel-style guide – Telling Scotland’s Story – illustrated by the Scottish comic artist Sha Nazir of Blackhearted Press, to explain the project. Collaborating for the first time through The Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF), this research community expects to uncover new stories of Scotland’s past and solve mysteries that have continued to elude explanation.”

You can download the PDF of this book for FREE.

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