149 “Unity” Passengers and our First Biography are Uploaded!

I spent a few hours this morning cleaning up and organizing our site. I think it is looking better! 🙂

I also added our first biography about William Cahoon as submitted by his descendant Doug Cahoon. You should be proud of your heroic ancestor, Doug! William died a hero in Swansea, Massachusetts! Please read more about him at our biographies page!

I am ready to upload more bios. so please send them on to me!

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5 Responses to 149 “Unity” Passengers and our First Biography are Uploaded!

  1. Evelyn Cahoon Mercon says:

    Goodness !!! Where to begin???
    My father was Harold Francis Cahoon,(Hampton, NH) son of Fred C. Cahoon,(Quincy, Mass.) son of Heber Cahoon who came back to Gloucester, Mass., from Nova Scotia, Canada. Our branch went up to Nova Scotia from Gloucester Mass during the period after the French and Indian Wars (1750-ish) when the British were giving away free land to all who would go an settle there from the seaboard colonies.
    We come from a long line of tough SOB’s and I buried one of them at Bourne, Mass., at the National Cemetery there…Dad was not a woosie…for sure…
    Grandpa Fred was another one; he drove a horse and team with his legs tucked up under him because he had arthritis so bad in his feet that it hurt to brace with them while driving.
    Great-Grandpa Heber fished off the Grand Banks and spent 30 hours treading water when the dory he was in overturned. He and another man were rescued thankfully.

    I spent 20 years living in all parts of this country and could never find anyone whose name was Cahoon…then I attended The Gathering of the Clans in Montgomery, Alabama, one summer and lo and behold…there was one there in KILTS…and he lived in Montgomery as had his ancestors.

    It was a shock I can tell you…but not as big as the one I got when I tapped into the LDS site just for fun and typed in the name Colquhoun…THAT was a blast for real.
    I literally had NO idea that Cahoons were here so early and were so prolific…
    I can tell you that they run to males. Female Cahoons are in lesser numbers than males; except in my family where there were two…sis and me. We do have one brother…
    Dad’s sister had one son, Dad’s younger brother had 4 sons, and his older brother had one son.

    Dad remembered several uncles; Levi, Reuben, Abijah, and those are the three I remember hearing mentioned. However; there is a lady in the historical records section of the Gloucester, Mass, city hall or vital statistics building, who IS a Cahoon descendent and she is AWESOME.
    She can rattle off names and dates right off the top of her head…

    Send me some info on my section of the ‘tribe’ if you have anything you think I might be interested in.

    Thank you,

    • Evie, What a delightful comment! Please, please join us at our Yahoo Group! You will see that you have cousins in the group already! We are also doing a DNA study, so please join us! scottish_war_prisoners-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      • Evie says:

        Hello Teresa, I have been in touch with Caroline regarding the Cahoons. She figured back from my grandpa to William I , that we are descended down from William Jr.
        She filled me in briefly from her records which are extensive, and saved me a lot of floundering around. She gave me a bunch of practical information for general research and I am deeply grateful to her.
        Today is March 13th and I finally stumbled my way back on to this site….
        Not a ‘techie’ by any means….I am the “Mrs. Magoo” of the computer world.

    • Caroline Gilleece says:

      Dear Evie, Please contact me at cgilleece@cfl.rr.com. I am a researcher for William Calhoun Sr. I am so excited to find you.

      • Evie says:

        finally; I stumbled back onto this site. I had not been able to find it again….I am totally computer inept…LOL…

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