148 Scots are now in the Unity List!

I have completed the Unity List and it contains 148 names compiled from Elizabeth French’s hand-copied lists as shown on our site. According to records 150 men were deported on the ship Unity in November 1650 to Massachusetts Bay. So I still need the names of two men. I do recall reading somewhere that one of the prisoners perished on the voyage over so that may explain the loss of one name.

Any suggestions?

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9 Responses to 148 Scots are now in the Unity List!

  1. Jean Bachand says:

    Is there a list of Scotsmen who came to Canada by the name Buchan

  2. Jean Bachand says:

    Bachand comes from Buchan.

  3. Suzanne Cummings says:

    I am a descendent of William Cohoon/Calquhoun. (William -son Joseph -son Ebenezer -son Benjamin -son Joseph -son Stephan -son Charles David Cohoon -my great grandmother Julia Anne Cohoon born 1832 in Quincy illinois -only child of Charles David.
    My mother showed me her how grandmother Julia Anne Cohoon always lifted her chin to show her how to pronounce Co WHOOON. She said her Grandma was little and lively, had learned to dance to her fathers fiddle playing. Julia was a midwife in Ringgold County Iowa.

  4. Suzanne Cummings says:

    I have read that John Calquhoun a half brother of William Cohoon/Calquhoun was also a prisoner in Durham Cathedral and died aboard a ship enroute to the colonies.
    Perhaps this is one of the missing.

  5. Michelle Williamson says:

    I ha e an individual to add to your Unity list….actually 2. Daniel Davison and his brother John. John was written to have died along the wayside on they’re way to the Lynn iron works and Daniel we t on to marry Into the Prominent Low family. Dianne Rapport has mentioned him in several of her publications. He was our first ancestor to this country and was captured at the battle of Dunbar.

  6. Michelle Williamson says:

    Not sure if my post went through so I repost this. I have 2 names for the Unity list. That of John Davison who was reported to have died along the wayside and that of his brother, my first ancestor to this country, Daniel Davison. Daniel was sent to the Lynn Ironworks and went on to marry Into the Prominent Low family. Dianne Rappoort has made mention of him in some of her works.

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