Free International Marriage Records begin Tomorrow!

I just tried searching the international marriage records this morning only to discover that the Ancestry records were not free!

I went to their Facebook page and see that they have changed the date from April 16th to April 17 through April 21st, which is just fine, but especially good to know! 😉

So please wait until tomorrow for free access to international marriages!

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  1. justina lopez says:

    I recently researched my family history on my moms fathers side, his last name was Maxwell. The website took my lineage back to the 1600s with Alexander Maxwell (Maxie, Maxey) he was from Scotland. However that was as far as I could go on that portion of the website without going on to the international site. I decided to type in the history of Essex ,Mass and a file popped up about Alexander. It was a dna research. It said that Alex was an 11 year old boy who fought in the battle of Dunmore was captured and then brought over to the new world. also says he was one of the four men sent to Wenham. He became an English subject and was indentured for a short time to Richard Kimbell. He married Mercy Marah Abby about 1661.( this info I also got from, Now for the question that has me confused. I did not see Alexander as one of persons who came to Essex on your listing. So Im not sure what to think or where to go from here.I would appreciate any help you can give me. thank you. Justina Lopez

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