Saugus Iron Works in Lynn, Massachusetts

You can read a fascinating account of the origins of the Saugus Iron Works in The Saugus Iron Works at Lynn, Mass. by J. H. Woodbury, c 1892. While this small book does not mention one word about the Scots at the Iron Works from 1651-1688 I think there is no doubt about who some of the perpetrators are in this quote on page 10!

“The litigation to which the Iron Works were subjected increased and became oppressive. It appears as if the impulse to “sue the corporation” was instinctive among the townspeople. The corporation, its managers, and its workmen were proceeded against under every conceivable excuse. The boundaries of worthless land, poor crops on sterile soil, unrestrained courtshipsspeaking lightly of the Governorreproachfully of the Church and harshly of the King, were all subjects of long continued and bitter litigation.”

We know that some of the Scots did court and marry some of the English Puritan women. They got into trouble not respecting the English Puritan Governor or the English King (restored in 1660), understandably so! 🙂 The works shut down in 1688 so our Scots were there from 1651 to 1688.

To see the list of the Scotsmen at the works in 1653 go to The Saugus Iron Works at Lynn, Massachusetts page at our web/blogsite.

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